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Pursuing Your 2:25 encourages and challenges couples to pursue excellence in their marriage, building a legacy of love, faith, and trust for future generations. A marriage submitting to God’s best can endure and thrive through every season of marriage.

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The Genesis 2 Man highlights the role and task God gave man at the beginning. The life principles expressed in the Garden apply to the modern era: observing, keeping, and doing the work of God faithfully. God’s word will always speak to our circumstances.

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Family Life Discipleship encourages parents and families through a practical biblical teaching. Sessions cover roles for family members, active life-training, family organization plan, training for church and community service, community involvement, creating a family network, and rules and boundaries. Principles are supported by biblical commands and principles.


How much does counseling cost?

Counseling fees are up to clients. Prayerfully consider how your contribution helps keep the ministry of TwoTwentyfive available to others in need... and be a cheerful giver.

Does TwoTwentyfive accept insurance?

Insurance companies do not pay for our pastoral/Christian counseling services, therefore TwoTwentyfive does not bill an insurance company or other agency.

How does TwoTwentyfive receive donations for ministry services?

Online contributions are received through (Link is on Partner with Us page)

In-person contributions: TwoTwentyfive receives funds through check, cash, or credit/debit card.

Donations are received through mail also.

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